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What's in a Name?

"A woman is known by the company she keeps."

-Aesop (paraphrased)

Seamstress was the vocation title Henrietta Gattle wrote on the form at Ellis Island when immigrating to this country. Yet her aspirations and tenacity—along with skills yet discovered—exceeded that title. The business she launched within a decade of her arrival, Gattle’s Inc., continues to thrive over 117 years later. Henrietta flourished because she took the first step, and then the next. She stayed focused on her customers, recognizing who they were and what they needed.  

Each of us has the capacity to discover and fulfill our aspirations. We are always more than our career titles and we are shaped by ‘the company we keep.’  


In honor of my great grandmother and in gratitude for her grandson—my father, who taught me the joy of listening—I’m proud to offer Gattle & Company’s coaching services.  


Through them and with you, I’m in good company.

Kim Gattle


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