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Benefits of
Individualized Coaching

Business Team

Identifying a professional development plan specific to me

Identifying and seizing opportunities

Setting and achieving

professional goals

Expediting personalized, individualized leadership development

CDO: Having a seat at the table

Building a high-trust, high-impact

work environment

CEO: Maximizing my time in
securing philanthropic support

Knowing my team is doing its

best work together

Coaching asks the questions: what now? what next? and how? It is discovery that leads to action insights and a plan to take the first steps and then the next and the next. 


Through coaching you will:


  • Develop an effective plan tailored to your specific career trajectory

  • Identify your strengths and build upon them

  • Bridge gaps in your skillset, knowledge, and training

  • Explore behaviors/mindsets that might be holding you back

  • Build leadership skills

  • Improve communication and conflict management skills

  • Create career goals with quantifiable actions steps to move forward faster

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