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Why Coaching?


Are you taking a seat at the leadership table for the first time or finding your voice in new ways?

Are you making a career transition with an opportunity to think differently about how you use your skills and passion to lead an organization?

Your investment in coaching gives you an opportunity to focus on what is most important to you versus the constant distraction of seemingly constant urgent needs. Coaching helps you achieve your goals and strengthen competencies most important to your role or the role that your team and your organization needs you to step into.



At Gattle & Company, we walk with you on your career journey.  Together, we will identify, translate, and leverage your skills, passion, and experiences to help build a bridge between right now and your best future.

​It all starts with a conversation. 

Are you ready to take the first step into the next chapter of your career journey?

About Gattle & Company

Gattle & Company helps you embrace the dynamic career you’ve always wanted. 

Bringing over three decades of business and nonprofit leadership to coaching, Kim Gattle helps you identify strengths, address challenges, and build competencies. She knows that skilled, empowered, and engaged professionals are essential for the health and sustainability of an organization.  

Whether you are honing your leadership skills, stepping into a new role, or exploring a career transition, Gattle & Company looks forward to helping you accelerate your impact.

Partnerships & Tools

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Gattle & Company Career Transition Coaching

"A year from now you will wish

you had started today. "  -Karen Lamb

"Effective mentorship can create transformational change in one's professional and personal trajectory - I’ve seen it time and again, and I’m the fortunate beneficiary of a great mentor myself in Kim Gattle. I can attest personally to how Kim’s experience, approach and gifts as a mentor elevated my game, my sense of self and my leadership of a team."

Michael Pettry

Cape Fletcher Associates, Principal

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